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Loesje's Life Log

22 June
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Hey all! My name is Marloes and I live in The Netherlands (Europe). Last year I moved to Scheveningen.. Holland's most famous city at the beach. My b/f Eelco and I bought a perfect house just a 2 minute walk from the beach, boulevard, movies, casino, theater, restaurants, bars and more. What more could one wish for? :D Well.. a baby was on our list of wishes and that wish was granted too! We're expecting our first child (a BOY!) April 28 2006!!!

I love to model (although I haven't for quite some time now), surf the internet, build websites, buy clothes, collect MLP's, run my company, see musicals, dance, interior decorating, travel, swim, go to the sauna, buy clothes (did I say this before hehe), go out with friends, party and lots more!
I'll try to update my journal on a regular basis :)